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A green environment will be created in EDAI Town with trees, flowers and turfing.  Establishing an oasis amongst the savanna landscape.

Recycled water will be available for landscaping throughout the year. Coupled with a Solar Farm, there will be provision of clean renewable energy.  

EDAI Town is an address you can be proud of.

Our enviable wireless and internet connectivity spell total convenience to residents.

Connect seamlessly to  fellow residents and to the global world at the ease of your fingertips. 

Choosing to live in EDAI Town, you can be assured of safety, security and serenity that has been offered.  Major feature not readily available in today's urban Papua New Guinea.

From the moment you step into EDAI Town, you can feel an air of relaxation knowing that modern communications and surveillance technique are in place 24/7 around the clock to protect you, your family and your home.